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InfoTrendz Media is a company in “fast-forward”  motion …Moving at the speed of innovation in media technologies …Taking YOUR message to the masses — fast!

Imagine the world of tomorrow at your fingertips today … right now in fact!  In a world where information is processed at lightning speed …. getting right to the heart of the matter, riding the crest of the wave, being the newest of the new – is the promise of Infotrendz TV!

And InfoTrendz TV has the newest approach …. it’s called Multi-Media Direct Response. A cross-media opportunity that offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to delivering your business or product message to the mass market – and we all know that today’s mass-market means selling on a global scale.

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A Multi-Media Direct Response Company Dedicated to Crafting Powerful Images

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We are InfoTrendz Media

Experience, passion, excellence, and RESULTS… Our mission is to support your success and make you look good! Isn’t this who you want working for you?

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Dr. JJ Meier

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Tripp Mehew

Online Media
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Jessica Hynum

Senior Web Developer
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Karl Naufal

Vice President - Business Development
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Ronnie Carol

Vice President - Creative Marketing
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