Long Form for Non-Profits

Jan 19, 2014

NEW-7Is a long form “commercial” (infomercial) a realistic approach for a non-profit?  WELL …. ever seen Feed the Children?  Or those ASPCA spots with animals in terrible shelters that make you cry?  You bet it’s a viable format….big time!   We are planning to take two major non-profit messages to air within the next few months.  What’s better than taking a totally controlled message direct to thousands (if not millions) of consumers at the same time?   One savvy DR company owner once said, “Every time one of my shows is on TV, I’m talking to the equivalent of a sold-out Yankee Stadium.  And considering my shows are on the air multiple times per day, that’s a lot of ears and eyes.”  Think about that — because it’s true!

If your non-profit creates a heartfelt emotional connection to viewers, they will indeed pick up the phone and call (or visit your website) to support your cause.   This translates to additional dollars that might FAR exceed your normal non-profit business model for donor acquisition.  In today’s economic environment, traditional donors bases are shrinking.  All non-profits need MORE donors with MORE “charitable giving” dollars.  Where do you find them in volume?  On television!

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