Sep 10, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.01.07 AMFirst off ….. it’s important to understand the difference:  Direct response (DR) programming is a pre-recorded show of 28:30 in duration that airs over and over and over — average shelf life of a DR show is approx.. two to three years.  Shoot it once, stay home and collect the money. If you have a show that is blessed to run for a long time, you’ve gotten rich in the process!

Live TV is broadly defined as “shopping television.”  Think HSN, QVC, ShopNBC, Jewelry Television, etc….  There are shopping channels in almost every country on the planet now, and while one can also make a fortune on live TV, it is VERY labor intensive in that you (or your spokesperson) has to travel to the broadcast HQ of whatever channel you’re on, i.e. HSN is based in Clearwater, Florida; JTV is in Knoxville, Tenn.  These trips can be as frequently as monthly … and add to this all the other elements, like manufacturing and delivery your inventory to their warehouses…..well, you can see it’s labor intensive.

So?  Simply put….  DR is pre-recorded shows (shoot it once),  run it over and over, make money.

Shopping TV is just that — LIVE.  You have to be there, live, on-air to make money.

Which one is best?  Some products are better suited for a live format, while others benefits from the controlled repetitive messaging of an infomercial.   These are choices that need careful consideration and experienced decision makers.   In some instances, BOTH methods work in concert. Imagine that!  Now you’re really getting rich!  Sage advice and very experienced producers are your best bet in making all the choices necessary for the most successful and cost effective media campaign.

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