Smartphones Era


MM-DR offers unparalleled scope of deliverables for you and your business to the mass market via broadcast television; web-based video content and innovative Internet marketing initiatives.  Capturing new customers, distributors or leads is no longer limited to traditional marketing, but is now multiplied by the aggregate billions of people who watch television; work, surf and access entertainment on the Internet AND participate in social media.   So taking your product and messaging to millions can happen multiple times per day in multiple mediums…….overnight!



InfoTrendz Media delivers your message via an exciting combination of information (INFO) and products trending in the marketplace (TRENDZ), showcased in a “news-style” 30 minute show (called a “long-form commercial”) that creates excitement, trust, loyalty and sales revenues. The proven multi-billion dollar direct response industry is a respected format for everything from major retailers such as Sharper Image; The Home Depot; Dyson; Hoover; Euro-Pro; Oreck, etc., to healthcare providers such as Humana; Blue Shield; Cancer Centers of America; Lifestyle Lift and more. Hundreds of nutritional and beauty products; books; videos; home goods, food gadgets, exercise equipment, etc. are all successfully sold via direct response television.

Additionally, your product and message may also send itself to:60 – 2:00 minute DR commercials.  Often this approach is combined with long-form for the best reach and penetration.  Add that to all the social media formats available, and you’re broadly positioned for optimal results!





Your Satisfaction

Are you a progressive person or company planning to take your message and products direct to the consumer? The “trendzetting model” of InfoTrendz TV attracts viewers across many demographics and is a robust and complete model that maximizes advertising reach and frequency.